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Our Story

We are a family of five, two boys & a girl. Our boys are fourteen and twelve, and our girl is five. We love being around dogs, so we decided to carefully breed loving companions & find them great forever-loving homes to enjoy. We chose the Bernese Mountain Dog breed because of their calm & willing personality. They have beautiful fur & tri-markings, which combined make excellent companions. We also chose the Goldendoodle breed we change because of their beautiful confirmation which makes great companions.

Our philosophy is to raise the healthiest puppies possible by carefully breeding Health Tested Adults so you can enjoy these loving companions for years to come. That is why we love breeding forever companions. We are always excited to hear stories & see pictures of our puppies. We have a lot of repeat customers.

What makes us different is that we only have five adult females. We spent time with each of our companions daily as they are trained to handshake & love. We offer a 1-year genetic health guarantee. We feed Nuvet supplements daily & our puppies get doc roys prebiotic/probiotic for excellent digestive health.

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